Home Security Alarms

Residential security alarm systems generally comprise a main control unit, one or more code pads (also known as key pads) located at the front and back doors and a combination of passive infra red detectors (sensors), hard wired smoke detectors, sirens and a panic button. We provide a range of security alarm systems that are ideally suited for home security.

Hard wired or wireless panic buttons used in conjunction with a security alarm monitoring can alert response organisations to a possible home invasion or medical emergency. The security alarm monitoring staff at are fully trained to deal with emergency situations.

Quality passive infra red detectors are the key to ensuring that false alarms are kept to a minimum and that customers have confidence in their security alarm system. Standard passive infra red detectors are suitable for most residential security alarm applications. However in circumstances where there could be environmental issues or pets, the Integrated Security Services representative will recommend a more advanced passive infra red detector.

Hard wired smoke detectors offer a high level of reliability. These smoke detectors require little maintenance. Used in conjunction with a monitored security alarm, hard wired smoke detectors are effective in protecting your home from fire and saving lives.

Commercial Security Alarms

The design and installation requirements for commercial security alarms adhere to the same principles as residential security alarms. Small to medium sized security requirements can be met with our range of security alarms.

A variety of additional sensors may be required. These may include door contacts for securing roller doors, fire exits and internal doors, vibration or inertia sensors for safes and adjoining or exposed walls, glass break detectors to provide early warning of intruders breaking windows and specialised passive infra red detectors and outdoor beams.

Leading Edge Security will recommend appropriate security alarm systems for larger commercial security alarm applications and applications requiring integration with access control and closed circuit television systems.


Security alarm monitoring gives you peace of mind when you are away from your home or office. Connecting your security alarm to our central monitoring station means we provide home security and or business security 24 hours a day.

Security alarm monitoring can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We utilise a fully computerised state of the art security alarm monitoring facility with provision for radio backup and instant response to a network of mobile security patrols.

Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your business or residence is being protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week by highly skilled and dedicated security alarm monitoring operators.

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